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Single-row Tapered Roller Bearings

Our Competitive Advantage - Tapered Roller Bearing

- P0 / P6 grade quality, each bearing will be produced according the drawings and will be fully tested before delivery;
- Our tapered roller bearings inner diameter d≥80mm are designed in strict accordance with the Timken design standard and single-row tapered roller bearings are completely interchangeable with Timken products
- Main Markets: North America, Europe,South America, Southeast Asia
- OEM Services Provided, Experienced engineers in design, offering technical data sheets, bringing customized solutions
- Smooth communication and widely products range as well as huge stock holding to meet customer requirement:

Inch tapered roller bearings;

7100/31000(7138, 7168, 7172/31038, 31068, 31072) series bearings;

7200/30200(7202E-7248E/30202-30248) series bearings;

7300/30300(7302E-7352E/30302-30352) series bearings;

7500/32200(7504E-7552E/32204-32252) series bearings;

7600/32300(7603E-7636E/32303-32336) series bearings;

7700(7707E, 7713E, 7716E/32007, 30613, 33116) series bearings;

7800(7805Y-7821E/30605, 30208, 33209, 33113, 33114, 30615, 33216, 30617, 30621) series bearings;

7900(7909, 7911, 7913//306/47,462/453,39590/39520) series bearings;

27300/31300(27303E-27332E/31303-31332) series bearings;

27700(27706E,27709E,27711E,27713E/30306,30309,30311,30613) series bearings;

30071/33000(3007105-3007122/33005-33022) series bearings;

30072/33200(3007205-3007221/33205-33221) series bearings;

30077/33100(3007708-3007722/33108-33122) series bearings;

20071/32000(2007104E-2007168E/32004-32068) series bearings;

20079/32900(2007907E-2007972E/32907-32972) series bearings.

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