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Introduction of Xinchang project of the world's largest bearing manufacturer in China

May 11, 2020

Introduction of Xinchang project of the world's largest bearing manufacturer in China

On January 20, the project of SKF ball bearing Xinchang production base and R & D center was put into production. The project is located in the large city block of overseas M & a industrial cooperation Park of Xinchang Economic Development Zone, with a total investment of about 1.28 billion yuan. After completion, the annual sales can reach 3.8 billion yuan, of which the first phase investment is 780 million yuan. The construction started in July last year, and the Xinchang ball bearing R & D center will be built simultaneously. After the first phase is put into operation, it has an annual production capacity of 150 million sets of small and medium-sized high-precision low noise ball bearings.

Xinchang is the "hometown of Chinese bearings", with a strong industrial base, obvious advantages of agglomeration and a good prospect for development. In recent years, Xinchang seizes the provincial pilot of bearing manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, vigorously promotes industrial upgrading in the direction of intelligent manufacturing, and accelerates the high-quality development of bearing industry.

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SKF is a global leader in bearing technology and manufacturing and the world's largest bearing manufacturer. After the completion of the project, it will be beneficial for Xinchang to expand the whole bearing industry chain, realize localized R & D and production, effectively enhance its position and influence as the hometown of national bearings, and play a positive role in promoting the high-quality development of manufacturing industry and building advanced manufacturing clusters in the city.

It is reported that the second phase of the project is planned to start construction in March this year and be completed and put into operation in May 2021.

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