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NSK Tapered roller bearings for electric vehicles under rare lubrication

Jan 14, 2020

Advantages of new type tapered roller bearing

In order to prevent sintering in case of insufficient lubrication, a small groove is added to the contact surface between the bearing cage and the roller, which makes the cage have lubrication function. When the lubrication is insufficient, the following effects can be achieved by supplying oil to the roller end face through the small groove.

NSK Tapered roller bearings for electric vehicles

1. In the driving mode when the lubricating oil is cut off, about 7 times of sintering resistance can be achieved

When the electric vehicle lubricating oil pump stops working, there will be insufficient lubrication of the bearing, and the viscosity of the lubricating oil will become low at high temperature. When it is started in this environment, it is difficult to supply the lubricating oil to the bearing. In the driving mode when the lubricating oil is cut off, the sintering resistance time of the developed bearing can be prolonged about 7 times compared with the standard one.

2. The supply of lubricating oil can be reduced by more than 95%

Under the oil lubrication mode, the bearing for gearbox is used in the environment of forced lubrication of lubricating oil pump, oil bath and splash lubrication. Compared with the standard product, the developed product can reduce the supply of lubricating oil by more than 95% and miniaturize the lubricating oil pump.

3. Realize bearing miniaturization

Compared with the standard tapered roller bearings, the cage shape optimization design can shorten the bearing width, reduce the bearing volume by about 10%, and reduce the quality by about 5%.

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