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China Bearing steel won the "pass" for export to Japan

Jul 26 ,2022

A few days ago, the bearing steel products produced by Dongbei Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. (DSSC for short) passed the JIS certification audit of Japanese JQA company for the first time, and obtained the certificate of Japanese industrial standardization. This indicates that DSSC has the ability to produce bearing steel products according to high standards and requirements, and has obtained a pass for exporting products to countries and regions such as Japan, which has greatly enhanced the market competitiveness of products.

China special bearing steel

As a Japanese industrial standard, JIS is the most important and authoritative certification standard among Japanese national standards. From June to July this year, the audit team of Japan JQA company conducted certification audit on Northeast Special Steel Co., Ltd. according to three stages: laboratory qualification audit, factory quality management audit and product test audit. This certification is mainly based on JIS g4805 standard, and the smelting system and processing system of bearing steel products are audited on site, including five processing production lines of large-scale materials, small sections, wire rods, bright silver materials and steel wires. On the basis of confirming that the inspection ability of the company is qualified, the audit team conducted a full coverage audit on the 19 processes of the operation of the company's quality management system, including functional departments and directly affiliated units, production and auxiliary units. The qualification of quality inspectors, testing personnel, sample inspection, data records and other whole processes were carefully reviewed.

After the audit, this evaluation is given: Dongbei special steel has a complete internal and external management process, can conduct regular audit and evaluation, self inspection and self correction, combined with the company's operation philosophy, vigorously promote cost reduction and efficiency increase, variety research and development, etc., the overall production organization and quality control process are effectively controlled, and has the basic quality assurance ability to produce qualified bearing steel products. The audit did not issue nonconformities. The audit team recommended that Dongbei Special Steel Co., Ltd. pass the certification and obtain the qualification for producing JIS products.

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