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Purchasing and Maintenance of Automotive Bearing

Dec 25 ,2014

The quality of automotive bearing directly concerns the performance and safety of the whole car. Then how to purchase quality automotive bearing and how to distinguish the bearings from bad to good? We will provide some tips of selecting automotive bearing for your reference.

First check the appearance of bearings.

The first step of bearing inspection is to check the appearance. No matter what kinds of bearing, check if there are some flaws at first, such as: residual crack, retainer deformation, pocking marks on the roller, or if there are scalds of blue, red or green color on the inner or outer rings. All the listed condition are unqualified in appearance quality.

Check bearing rotation speed.

Rotate the bearing with hands; if it can not be rotated smoothly or if there is noise while it runs, this bearing must not be bought.

Professional Inspection.

Let professional staff use measuring instruments to inspect the size and material of the bearing. You must inspect bearings carefully before you decide to buy in case you bought fake products.

Purchasing channels

Buying bearings from standard enterprises and signing supply contract to promise quality liability are also important ways to assure bearing purchasing.

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