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Schaeffler was awarded the type approval certificate of high reliability wind turbine main shaft rolling bearing

Nov 08 ,2019

Recently, at the 2019 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and exhibition, witnessed by Mr. He Dexin, Mr. Yao Xiaoqin, senior experts in the wind power industry, and Mr. Qi Hesheng, leader of the industry association, two authoritative certification bodies in China, China Quality Certification Center and China Classification Society certification company, respectively issued the type certification of high reliability wind turbine main shaft rolling bearing to Schaeffler The certificate fully affirmed Schaeffler's leading product development and manufacturing capacity in the field of fan main shaft bearing.

As a leading global technology supplier of automobile and industrial bearing products, Schaeffler has been committed to meet the development needs of the industry with excellent product and service quality in the development of wind power industry. Through continuous technological innovation and based on the concept of local service, Schaeffler continues to promote the sustainable development of wind power technology.

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