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ZWZ bearings enter high end market of one belt and one road countries

May 15 ,2019

“ We will provide a new batch of newly developed automobile bearing accessories for European customers”. On May 7, Xu Xiangdong, the project manager, told reporters excitedly in the Auto Bearing Business Department of the ZWZ Group, "We are steadily supplying order products to European and American customers every week. Because of the ‘one belt and one road’, ZWZ got more and more overseas customers, and now export more than 30 specifications and about 2 000 0000 sets of automobile bearings”.

Germany, France and Italy are the traditional automotive manufacturing countries, and the quality requirements of bearings are very stringent. ZWZ Group has made great efforts to improve the quality of its products. Since 2011, it has been assumed that the European and American markets are "double-wheel drive" for passenger and commercial vehicle bearings, thus realizing the transformation from "difficult to enter" to "accessible". We should seize the favorable opportunity to build "one belt and one road", and speed up the implementation of internationalization and high-end strategy.

In the past, in order to expand the export market share, ZWZ mainly focused on the low-cost products. In recent years, with the European R&D center and German KRW company as the "bridgehead" of international development, ZWZ has intensified efforts to expand the overseas high-end market, focusing on end customers and devoting itself to expanding the OEM market.

In the China-Pakistan economic corridor, the sales staff of ZWZ have visited customers in India and Pakistan for many times, which has increased the market share of cement series bearings in the region by more than 20%.

The head of ZWZ Import and Export Corporation told reporters that they have set up five sales platforms, namely, Western Europe, America, India and Pakistan, Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific this year. At present, more and more industrial gearbox bearings, steel metallurgical bearings, cement machinery bearings and other high-end products of the ZWZ Group have begun to batch more than ten well-known enterprises in Europe and the United States to support the mainframe, and the market is constantly breaking through. In the first quarter of this year, under the circumstances of actively adjusting the product structure of export market and abandoning the low-end market, the overseas revenue of ZWZ group increased by 11% compared with the same period last year.

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