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Test Run and Maintenance of Roller Bearing

Nov 08, 2019

After installation of the bearings, test run must be carried out for dynamic inspection and the methods are as follows:

(1) Feel the work temperature of the bearing housing, which should not exceed 20 degree over room temperature. If it is in abnormal heat state, it may be caused by overuse of lubrication grease or excessive interference during assembly.

(2) Use a metal bar or a screwdriver as hearing aid to check the sound during the running process of bearing. Foreign matter in bearing will make irregular noise. If the clearance is too small or the grease is insufficient, the bearing will give out metal sound or whistle sound.

Grease should be added or replaced after the bearing runs for a certain period of time.

If it is found that the grease is in black color or has shiny metal particles, the original grease must be removed, the bearing must be cleaned and new grease should be added.

If lateral peeling of raceway is found, it indicates that the inner and outer ring of the bearing is deflected and the center is not set down, it shall be re-calibrated.

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