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ZYS Special bearing helps China Aerospace Industry

Jan 03 ,2020

On December 27, China's Changzheng 5 launch vehicle ignited and lifted off at China's Wenchang space launch site, successfully completing its third launch mission. The reporter learned from Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZYS) that during the launch, Changzheng 5 was equipped with a number of bearing products developed by the enterprise at key positions.

"The engine turbine pump bearings of the Changzheng 5 rocket are all designed and manufactured by the ZYS." Ma Xiaomei, senior engineer of special bearing division of ZYS, said.

Turbopump is the key component of liquid fuel rocket engine. The bearing in the turbopump is the support and rotation core part of the turbopump. Whether the bearing can be used safely and normally is the key factor of whether the rocket can be launched safely. In the working process of turbine pump bearing, it is necessary to keep the high speed running and reduce the friction as much as possible, so that the bearing should have high reliability. In order to meet the special requirements of Changzheng 5, the ZYS has carried out in-depth research and test in many aspects, such as bearing materials, bearing design, processing and manufacturing technology, bearing lubrication, etc., breaking through a number of key technologies, and finally developed angular contact ball bearings and deep groove ball bearings used in the turbopump of Changzheng 5 rocket engine, ensuring the successful completion of the launch mission.

In recent years, as the only state-level comprehensive research unit in China's bearing industry, many bearing products developed by ZYS have been applied to "Dongfanghong" series satellites, "Shenzhou" series manned spacecraft, "Chang'e" lunar exploration project and other projects. Next, ZYS will accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, continue to make efforts in the field of special bearings, and help the development of China's aerospace industry.

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